Eamon O’Kane »A History of Play«
Roscommon Arts Centre, IE
4. Oktober—14. November 2014

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Eamon O’Kane: A History of Play /Installation view
Eamon O’Kane: A History of Play /Installation view
Artist Eamon O’Kane will transform the entire gallery at Roscommon Arts Centre into an interactive installation making direct visual and conceptual reference to educational play objects devised by educator and inventor of Kindergarten Friedrich Fröbel. For the artist, parenthood acted as the catalyst for this enquiry into methods of merging real life with his art practice where his ongoing concerns are the interplay of art, architecture design and education.

Fröbel Studio makes direct visual and conceptual reference to the educational play materials known as Fröbel Gifts – the colorful spheres, cylinders, and tubes that were developed in the early 1800s by Friedrich Fröbel, the inventor of Kindergarten. These tools are still instrumental the world over in unlocking creativity at an early age by teaching children about three-dimensional shapes and colours, and their relationship to the environment and nature.

Roscommon Arts Centre
Circular Road
Roscommon, Co. Roscommon

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